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We believe in the 20 Principles of Breeding Better Dogs by Raymond H. Oppenheimer


Welcome to our Boxer Home:

Tybrushe Boxers is located just south of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in Dewinton, Alberta. 

We have owned and shown boxers in conformation events since 1988 and have been breeding boxers since 1990.  We have Canadian and American Champions in our house and breeding programs and we do show our dogs in conformation in Canada and the United States.

All of our boxers live in our house not in a kennel and our puppies are raised in the middle of everything being exposed to our daily lives.  Our older dogs remain with us to live long health lives in retirement. 

We are also proud to rescue boxers, helping out Boxer Rescue Canada, and some older ones end up residing with us for good.

We occasionally breed our dogs and our boxer puppies are raised in our home with our family and the other dogs.  We are proud of our well socialized puppies and we want to ensure they go to loving homes where they are members of the family.  We also show our boxers and that is our hobby but they are first and foremost family.

We do allow people to come and see our dogs but we have a very busy schedule which includes our new business www.tybrushe.com and sometimes it is difficult for us to arrange to have people out to our house especially if we have a lot of shows coming up. Although we don't have puppies often we do want people to realize the value of buying from a reputable breeder and why that is so important so we do try and meet up with you even if it is at  a show to talk about dogs.  When you have questions or problems later on we'll still be here for you, we've been around for over 25 years...we plan to continue.

We are are always to here to help you with your boxer! 

We are very proud of limiting our breeding program to ensure all boxers are fully health tested and they PASS their tests, including yearly holtering , Echo by Doppler for SAS along with other health testing.   This is NOT just a vet visit but more extensive tests to ensure we are breeding healthy boxers so Your puppy is healthy and has a chance of living a long life.

**Please see our page on health testing when purchasing a boxer from anyone.

 ** Health Testing


You should be aware of the health issues and these tests are NOT just vet checkups!

Please educate yourself on how and where to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder!!

We are not about how many we produce but by the quality we produce and how they are raised.  It is years (31+ yrs so far) of learning and continued learning (you never stop)  about the boxer standard for structure and producing boxers that you are proud to own. 

We are always here for any of the dogs we produce should a situation occur that they have to come back to us.  We occasionally have those older ones available once we have brought them into our home and assess them in our surroundings.  If you might be interested in a boxer that is a bit older than a pup please go to our Available page.

Breeding Good Quality boxers is about knowing the dogs and understanding what traits are dominant or recessive when breeding.  Anyone can put two boxers together and let them breed, but to understand health issues, breeding issues and being there for you in times of need is a breeder who is committed to the future generations of the breed and to ensure you are happy with your boxer for many years to come

We are about quality and enjoyment of the boxer as well as having fun in the show ring.  We would love to help you show your boxer in conformation if you are interested.

See "About Us" for the story on how Tybrushe Boxers came to be.


Pictures  for those who have asked to see our Ranch style log home on 5 acres. The dogs love it!



Sheila McAvoy & Darren Lovely

Tybrushe Reg'd Boxers

Alberta, Canada

email us at:  sheila@tybrushe-boxers.com


Proud members of:

Boxer Club of Canada

Alberta Boxer Club

Alberta Kennel Club

American Boxer Club

Boxer Club of Salt Lake (Salt Lake City , Utah)

Canadian Kennel Club

American Boxer Charitable Foundation (see logo below)



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