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Gabriella and Sheila

December 2009


It all started in 1988 with the decision to get a boxer.  My first boxer was Tyson, Ch. Bond's Bruneau 1st-Round Tyson.  I just wanted a nice boxer to be my companion.  Well with my love for animals, little did I know what this boxer would do to me.

A couple of months after I bought Tyson, I decided to get another boxer, Sheba, Fisher's Tosheba Lea who was 6 months old and was a half sister to Tyson.  When Tyson was about 7 months old the breeder asked if I wanted to take some handling classes with her.  I gladly accepted....little did I know that I would get hooked so badly on it.

Tyson's first show was in February of 1989, and then another one in March 1989 in which I met up with the breeder of my Brutus, Ch. Cheek's Brutus To Remember, which I purchased at 10 weeks old. 

The kennel name Tybrushe (Ty Bru (brew) She (e is not silent)), was created, and my love for the breed growing stronger.

I learned to handle with my patient and loving Tyson, and did put his championship on him and his half brother Brutus.

Darren and I have been together since 2003 and he has realized that the dogs own him and his girls (see his girls on Fiddler's page).  We were just "browsing" through acreages, easy to do since Darren was a realtor part-time.  We went to "just see" this log home on 5 acres....and 4 days later it was final, it was going to be ours.

We have been in the house since June 2004.  The dogs LOVE the huge areas to run and have settled in well to our new home. 

In May of 2006 I finished two years of intense studying for my Master in Business while also working full time so the dogs time for shows etc was limited. 

It was great to be back showing and training the dogs after a 2 years break for school.

Many years after purchasing my first boxer in 1988, I still can't seem to be without a few boxers. 

In addition to training and showing the boxers we try to help out with Boxer Rescue as time and space permits.  Although somehow...during my final semester doing my MBA this  9 yr old Chaucer snuck in to be fostered....for 5 days they said.  Yes...well he warmed his way into our hearts and he got along so well with ALL the dogs....what can we say...he was here to stay!  After losing Chaucer to DM we just had to rescue Maude.  Check her out on her page.

The Boxers are a big part of our lives even though we both have demanding careers and this is our wonderful hobby that we share. 

In 2008 we started what we thought to be a small business and it continually grew with careful planning and controlled growth and now we have a flourishing business Tybrushe Pet Supply Ltd where we sell show and grooming supplies.

Both of us had flourishing jobs in the City of Calgary but as the business grew we had to devote more time to it.  Darren went full time with the business in 2009 and Sheila went full time in 2010.

We are grateful to our friends and customers who have supported our business and helped it to grow these past 12+ years. 



Proud members of:

American Boxer Charitable Foundation (see logo below)

Canadian Kennel Club, Alberta Kennel Club, Boxer Club of Canada

American Boxer Club, Boxer Club of Salt Lake



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We are a proud member - please give for the sake of our boxers


Sheila McAvoy & Darren Lovely

Tybrushe Reg'd Boxers

DeWinton, Alberta, Canada

(on the south side of Calgary, Alberta)


email us at: sheila@tybrushe-boxers.com