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Canadian Boxer Breeder Links

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(Please Note: On all links, Inclusions should not be interpreted as endorsement.)


E Ajays Boxers BC
W Asuncion Boxers AB
W Bakuna Boxers BC
W BarknbWild Boxers ON
W BayRidge Boxers SK
W Bellagio Boxers ON
W Bellcrest Boxers ON
W Berlane Boxers AB
W Bimberg Boxers AB
W Bodyguard Boxers QC
W BoomBastiqueBoxers ON
W Bowmak Boxers AB
W Boxjoy Boxers BC
W Boxrmor Boxers ON
W Boyarka Boxers AB
W Britnick Boxers ON
W Cair Paravel Boxers BC
W Camano Boxers BC
W CanHar Boxers AB
W Capecod Boxers ON
W Celticrose Boxers ON
W Chase 'N Stars Boxers AB
W Chieftain Boxers ON
W CinnRhee Boxers ON
W Coastal BreezeBoxers BC
W CynTech Boxers AB
W Debria Boxers QC
W Donoway Boxers AB
W Dorado Boxers BC
W Elharlen Boxers NS
W Emberstouch Boxers AB
E Evanayre Boxers NL
W Exzibit Boxers AB
W Falconhurst Boxers AB
E Golden Glove Boxers MB
W HaltonHill Boxers ON
W Hi Times Boxers AB
E Holifield Boxers ON
W Hookdon Boxers AB
W Jaegerhouse Boxers ON
W JagRun Boxers ON
W JEMS Boxers - Canada AB
E Jendar Boxers AB
W JoMax Boxers AB
W Jordannas Boxers ON
W Kaboom Boxers BC
W Kalata Boxers BC
W Kasanova Boxers ON
W Kemfer Boxers SK
W KG Boxers ON
W KissNTell Boxers AB
W Lando Boxers ON
W Luckyjade Boxers NB
W Lynbary Boxers QC
W Machimos Boxers AB
W Mantle Boxers AB
W Medousa Boxers MB
W Mephisto Boxers BC
W MGM Boxers AB
W Myohmy Boxers AB
W Mysticos Boxers ON
W Newalba Boxers AB
W Nopper Boxers NL
W NuBYU Boxers AB
W Oceanside Boxers BC
W Packapunch Boxers MB
W Pandora Boxers BC
W Pantheon Boxers ON
W Pengalli Boxers BC
W PortoVilla Boxers QC
W Private Boxers QC
W Rasilon Boxers MB
W Rikar Boxers AB
W RNB Boxers AB
W Rodlin Boxers ON
E Roundwon Kennels NS
E Rowenda Boxers BC
W RubyRed Boxers ON
W Saffire Boxers AB
W Samson Boxers AB
W SanSincas Boxers BC
W Seascape Boxers NS
W Shadowdale Boxers ON
W Shetan Boxers AB
W Summer Boxers AB
W TamGar Boxers BC
W Tashawne Boxers AB
E TASK Boxers ON
W Tickitbou Boxers ON
W Tienlung Boxers AB
E Timbavati Boxers AB
W TitleFight Boxers MB
W TopRank Boxers BC
W Tradonalee Boxers BC
E Trebor Boxers ON
W Tricker Boxers AB
W Trimanor Boxers ON
W Tybrushe Boxers AB
W Uppercut Boxers ON
W Vantage Boxers ON
W Varsity Boxers AB
W Vezben Boxers ON
W ViSiChy Boxers AB
E Westsett Boxers AB
W WilKing Boxers AB
W Winfall Boxers ON
W Wishsongs Boxers ON
W Zaracon Boxers SK


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