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Health Testing our Boxers Prior to Breeding

A brief overview of health tests to ask about.



Make sure that all health testing is done on both the Sire and Dam of the litter. When about to actually buy a puppy you have the right to ask for hard copies of the tests.


SAS - Subaortic Stenosis - Done by a cardiologist or heart specialist by Colour Doppler.  Auscultation (listening to the heart) is not enough to determine mild SAS in which a boxer should not be bred.  A regular vet listening to the heart is not trained to detect SAS.

Holter - a 24 hour holter monitor test should be performed EVERY year on breeding dogs. This is to test for Boxer Cardiomyopathy and it can affect all boxers and all boxers that are bred should be tested. A short 10 minute test is not long enough to determine if there are numerous VPC or runs and couplets.  A dog with many runs or couplets should not be used for breeding and one that has over 100 VPCs should be tested again before breeding and the results should be much lower.  Preferably under 100 VPCs in a 24 hour period.  the 24 hour holter monitor tape should be read by a qualified technician from a holter reading lab and would preferably be interpreted by a qualified heart specialist. 

24 hour Holter tests should still be performed as this gene could be only one of many and the holter test will indicate if there are VPCs going on.  Sometimes larger number of VPCs indicate another problem such as thyroid or the body is fighting off a disease...but anything like this should be investigated.

A good breeder will have the best interest of the dog and puppies they produce.  Don't tolerate "It's not in my line"  or "My dogs don't have it".  Ask to see the tests for the parents WITH their names on the test. 

Thyroid - The thyroid should be tested to be normal without any medication. Thyroid dysfunction is genetic and a dog that is medicated for a low or over active thyroid should not be bred. Having said this a boxer being "low normal" is very normal for the dog.  It is when they have to be medicated for their thyroid problems that you should be concerned.

Hip - should be X-rayed and the x-rays should be rated by the OFA society ( www.offa.org ) as to the absence of Hip Dysplasia. The dogs can also be Penn Hip x-ray and rated for the absence of Hip Dysplasia.

There should be a guarantee of health and that the dog will not die of a congenital defect by the age of two. Why by two? Because if they have SAS and are greatly affected by it they will die before 2. A mildly SAS dog can live a very normal and very active life it should just not be bred.  It can make a wonderful pet companion and live a normal life.

A breeder should be willing to provide you with hard copies of all tests when you place a deposit on a puppy and should be glad that you did your homework on the health issues of our breed. 

Be comfortable with your breeder and don't rush in to getting your puppy.  You'll be happy you did your homework and you should feel very comfortable with your breeder.  Any breeder can have a good website, a good breeder will want to know about you, your family and your lifestyle. 

If your breeder is new to boxers, ask who their mentor is.  A good mentor will be there to help you as well if you want to show your dog.  Many breeders show their dogs but their dogs are their family and live in the home and are pets first. 

...good luck and enjoy your puppy!


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