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Holter Sales

Tybrushe Pet Supply is now a rep for ALBA Medical for their holters

Please feel free to email info@tybrushe.com to ask any questions about holtering or purchasing a holter

Purchasing a holter

Use tape holters are $500 Less Coupon of $25

Used Digital Holters DR 180 - $750 less Coupon of $37.50

NEW Digital Holters DR 200 - $1400 less Coupon of $75

(if ordering on the ALBA site put in the coupon code SHEILA to receive the above discount coupon)


If you own a digital holter and you are wanting to upgrade to a New digital holter monitor at a great price please contact

Tybrushe Pet Supply info@tybrushe.com




Please see these people that will rent their holter:


Tybrushe - Calgary and area (or when we are at a show) - Digital - sheila@tybrushe-boxers.com

Boxer Rescue Canada - Digital -




Amber Gate - Kansas - Analog (tape) -   Holter Rental

Judy Wilmore - Ohio - Digital Holter - email sasjul69@aol.com or 419-704-7975

Alisha Mobley - Indiana -Analog - Shaewardboxers@gmail.com  

Debi Bedford - Iowa - Digital - mydeboxers@gmail.com - 319-480-5458

Kim Donahue - Minnesota - Analog (tape) - Holter Rental

Tai Nelson-Barnes - Arizona - Holter Rental 




Cost to rent from Tybrushe Boxers is $200 per dog.

which includes all supplies, hooking it up and taking it off and submitting to Alba Medical to be read - cost from Alba is $30 USD.

This also include a vest to wear over the wires and to carry the Monitor.


You will have to sign a release form with your credit card that you will repair or replace the monitor if you or your dog damages or destroys the machine or vest.

We ask everyone to have the dog remain with them the entire 24 hours to prevent the dog from chewing wires or the vest or the machine itself.


We offer the rent of this monitor as we believe strongly in the health testing of our boxers and this allows those who do not own one access to one easily.


Please contact us sheila@tybrushe-boxers.com

 to book a time to hook up the holter.