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Hope - The sweet 10 yr old rescue girl from  the Shelter in Madison, IN

Now part of the home of Tiffany Bruning (Tami Mishler's sister) and her kids Ben and Ruth as well as their 7 year old boxer boy

Thank you Tiffany for calling and asking if she could come in to your home....

Pictures at Alisha's house when they got home from the Shelter


The next day after Alisha sprung "Hope" out of the Shelter

a lovely sunny day....knowing life is going to be great....



Thank you to Tina Halverson for helping me start the train to get "Hope" out of the shelter and headed to Canada until Tiffany came along and realized this should be her girl.

Thank you to Alisha Mobley for taking time off work to head down 2 1/2 hours to free "Hope" and bring her back to your place.  These pictures just melt my heart.....and thank you from the bottom of my melted heart!!!

Thank you to all who have donated to help Hope and her vet bills and for all the words of encouragement and offers to help drive Hope.


It sure renews our faith in the Boxer community to know that we all care about those unfortunate ones that are hard to reach.....please do reach out to your rescue groups esp for the older ones that are hard to place....they do have a special place in our hearts!!


Hope went to Tiffany's home who writes:

"Just a quick note to let you know that Hope is settling in. She slept in our bedroom last night where I have a doggie orthopaedic bed. She LOVED it! She did not like getting her nails done today, but they definitely needed it. She is eating well and doesn't even give the cat a second look.

She is a little wobbly on her feet. I hope that as she gains more strength her muscle tone will improve as well. I don't suspect any problems in getting weight on her. She acts like a typical old girl - stealing food whenever she gets the chance. In addition to her breakfast, she finished off my males food, then stole my daughters pb&j sandwich (all by 9am).

She is headed to the vet on Thursday for a full work-up.

She is amazing. We are blessed to have added her to our family. "

Doesn't that just make you smile?  ;o)


Sadly Hope had to be let go to a better place Nov 2, 2009. 

She suffered a stroke over the weekend and never really recovered.  I feel horrible, as I had hoped that we would have her for several months.  However her last few weeks with us were definitely better than her days roaming the woods in Kentucky.  Her weight had gotten to normal, she slept in our room each evening, and even jogged around the house every once in awhile.  She enjoyed her dog treats and loved to eat the crusts from my daughters toast.  We miss her terribly, but have peace knowing that she is in a better place. 


I truly appreciate the generosity of the many people who donated on Hope’s behalf. 



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