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Can Ch Tybrushe's You Don't Know Jack   (Jack)

 d.o.b. August 2, 2010

MBIS MBISS Am Can Ch KG Halcyon Fire King    X   Can Ch Tybrushe's Hot Gossip for ALL

Bred by Sheila McAvoy & April Shrum  -

owned by Allison Hadaway  &  Sheila McAvoy - Tybrushe Boxers



Jack head shots at 7 1/2 months

Jack stacked pictures at almost 8 months


Jack at 18 weeks

Thanks to Kelly Feldmeier for taking the pictures.

Also a HUGE thank you to Kelly for taking care of Jack while I was on the road with our business and also down in the US doing a breeding.

Jack is now home with us and keeping everyone on their toes.  A good boy though...he just has attitude!  Uh Oh...LOL


Jack at 13.5 weeks and practising the stack which he hasn't done since 8 weeks.

He's getting the hang of it for sure!  He Loves the bait!

Thanks to Kelly Feldmeier for taking the pictures!

Jack is the sweetest boy and takes everything in stride. 

I pulled out the clippers to do his whiskers and he just sat and looked at it.  Didn't care.



 A few shots ( above) of Jack at 13 weeks.

A HUGE Thank You to Kelly Feldmeier who has been taking care of Jack for us while we've been on the road

and also while our back yard has been torn up in construction.




Thanks to Kelly Feldmeier for taking the pictures and also for puppy sitting Jack for us.