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I recommend a Wonderful Book called  "How To Raise a Puppy You Can Live With   "

You can find it here  http://www.tybrushe.com/Dog_Training_Books.htm  along with some other very good training books

Litter Announcements below:


Please contact Jeannie Miskey of Livin Boxers  boxerluvr@ymail.com

Born Sept

MBISS Am/GrCan Ch Tybrushe's Sultan Of Swing x Am GrCan Ch Livin Posh

Sully                                      x                             Posh                   










If you are looking for a puppy and considering having your puppy/dog shown in conformation please let us know.  

You may have a better chance of acquiring a puppy sooner if you would also show your puppy or allow us to show it.

We would be glad to help and guide you to train and show your dog that you get from us or out of our stud dogs, and are proud to have them in the conformation/obedience/agility rings showing off ALL of our offspring.

Showing our dogs is a hobby only and what we love to do.  We are proud of all the boxers we produce for pet or show.

Our Breeding Program is selective and we only breed fully health tested boxers when we want to produce something for us to show. 

All of our dogs are pets first and sleep on our bed and snuggle on the couch while we watch TV. 

Our Boxers are family and we expect that you are looking for that too.


Please email us if you are interested in finding a puppy

for show or pet

as we do have contacts with other breeders who health test

as well as might have planned breeding up and coming.

Please tell us about yourself, your family and your lifestyle. 

An email only saying you "want a puppy" or "call me",  will NOT receive a response.

Thank you for understanding that we care about where our puppies go and want to know the family.


email us: sheila@tybrushe-boxers.com


Thank you.


Tybrushe Boxers.