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We are overwhelmed with puppy applications and we are not sure if we would have any puppies available.

If you are submitting an applications, please understand we don't have a chance to review them for several weeks.

If you expecting a puppy right away that just won't / can't happen,


The puppies are pellet trained (They go pee and poop in the pellets), they have been eating in individual bowls and respect if others are not done yet,

they are just starting their crate training, and they will be eating and sleeping in their own individual crates.

We do Nomographs and titres so we understand the mother's immunities so that we vaccinate at the proper times so that the vaccination helps boost the immunity not work against it.


Please note, the contract will state you cannot spay or neuter for 2 years - for the benefit of the dog and its growth and proper maturity. 

Please research the implications of early spay / neutering.  W

The puppies  will come on a strict NON- BREEDING contract. 



To be considered for a puppy

Please complete our questionnaire Tybrushe Boxer Puppy Application




For those people wanting help for training puppies I recommend (and have for many years) a Wonderful Book called

How To Raise a Puppy You Can Live With  

You can find it here  http://www.tybrushe.com/Dog_Training_Books.htm  along with some other very good training books